General Regulation of °MGT° Team

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General Regulation of °MGT° Team Empty General Regulation of °MGT° Team

Message par futé le Jeu 4 Mar - 11:46

The regulations must be read and respected by all players of the Team
and by those who like to join us

1. To be Member of the Team °MGT° it's:

1.1 to Participate in life of Team :

Participate by an online presence and by a participation in the forum of Team, the whole in a regular manner.

It's also desirable for every member to participate in the activitées different offered by Team: matchs, competition, organization of matchs.

1.2 Have a good behaviour :

The Team °MGT° play principally for the fun, and also knows how to take by in competition. Having said that, competition should not hinder the good mind of Team. Of no more member must tarnish picture of M   by its online behaviour, or on any forum. Otherwise, it will accept a warning, and if it is not enough, he will be able to be excluded in a final manner.

2. Serveurs and Online Games:

2.1 Official Servers °MGT° :

....Our servers are in reconfiguration...
The team has his 5 devoted serveur. It is desirable that the members play regularly on this serveur. Our serveur is our window, we must therefore welcome by the warm-hearted way with our visitors and shine with our behaviour.

You will find one in: France / Provence-Alpes-Côte of Azure / Bouches du Rhône / °MGT° CROSS

And 4 in : France / Ile de France / Paris

Team rolls principally on TM Nation Forever and especially on serveur Cross, but some members are on TM United Forever.

2.2 Personal Server :

If necessary (training) a member be able to create a perso server. It will watch to put the official password of the Team which is in the section Team of this forum. Whether it is on the official server or on quite other server the members have to shine with their behaviour.

3. Post Offices in the Team :

Some persons occupy post offices within our Team :

_ All Administrators to manage all the problems of Team.
_ Alexx for English recruitment
_ Youp & ZbitY for the management of the forum.
_ Puma for the organization of matchs.
_ Zbity for all skins/maps/mod linked to the team

All the others as great pilots and mappeurs.

4. Team Speak :

The team uses software to communicate more easily: TeamSpeak. If you like to join us, take there!

5. Recruitment :

5.1 Postulate in the Recruitment section
Procedure -->

5.2 Entrance Test

5.3 Test Period

If you accept the entirety of these regulations attract your chance

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